New beginning

Yup. It sounds sappy as all get out. And I bet that it will happen repeatedly as I am a bit of an emotional sort.
Fresh from blogging about parent crap for about 4 years, I’ve made an about-face. A re-imagining. And it wouldn’t been the first time either.
This time, however, I feel like it’s the most honest version of myself.

And let me tell you all about her…
I have two kids. I bet you dollars to hollas that there will be at least one post every month devoted to how many times I was puked on. Whatevs. Deal with it bitches. And bastards (just so there is no discrimination).

I read a lot. Mostly nerdy reading. Suck it! My reading taste is awesome! No apologies. Just realities.

I craft some fine shit. Not for you though… Unless you really didn’t want an explosion. Because some of this stuff might blow up. Even though its mostly yarn. And crayons. But it could, and its the thought that counts.

I am unfailingly positive! I can see positivity in vomit explosions. Special trait. I am unfailingly sarcastic! You are so very welcome. I mean it. I craft hard and with unflagging enthusiasm, despite lacking skills. I like red wine, your babies (if you have any), your unborn (if you are expecting) and probably you too. I am mostly not a zombie.

I Instagram @ohdeerestme
I Facebook too, but that’s all private-like.

I love writing, however this will mostly be not actual writing. Just words mostly. There might be cooking too. It’s just straight up good times.

xoxo Jaime