Ginger. A love story

Today I did stuff. With kids. And mostly it was stuff with red lipstick on. Unbeknownst to me, lipstick is my power animal. Only if its red though. Coral can piss off.

First thing this morning…. (Post the following: husband sleeping in, feeding baby, making random from scratch pancakes per request of Number One Son, walking dog, making tea…), Mike made this juice that clearly was made of radioactive materials. I think it’s main ingredient was ginger, followed by more ginger. Did you know that ginger is my other power animal? Frankly, I wasn’t aware of it until I imbibed it.

And then, suddenly, I was on the expressway, gunning it, while I rimmed my lips in red (as my kids stared at me from the back seat). What. The. Hell.

And we were off to the library! Clearly the best place for me and all of my ginger energy. I pushed some other moms out of the way and scored some sweet books and movies for my boos.

It was out of control and completely the fault of the ginger.

We’ve been juicing for about 3 weeks now. The husband has been the main creator as I was, frankly, a little intimidated by our breville juicer. Once I realized how tough that juicer was and I wouldn’t accidently break it, I quickly grew immensely comfortable with it.

I would say that for me, my intake of juice is at about 60% of my total daily intake. The husband is probably at about 75%. We’ve been experimenting with grainfree eating too. The goal really is to eliminate processed foods completely and intake proteins, veg and fruit with very minimal dairy.

By the second week, I really noticed some interesting changes in my eating patterns. Mainly that I was not as interested in snack foods or sugar as before. Since I have always had a sweet tooth, it was interesting to self analyze and realize that the craving was just not there. I mean, I was flat out not interested. And not interested in bread or crackers or chips. I think of them as just cheap fillers.

It’s so interesting how making one small change really makes your daily habits do a 180.

Anyways, back to the ginger…. I highly recommend adding it to your juice regime (if you have one). It will warm you up. And hopefully counterattack any stomach issues you encounter in your first few weeks of juicing. And, as a lovely side effect, energize the shit out of you.

Be well my lovelies! Juice it up