Life. It has plans for all of us. Sometimes they suck.

I will try not to snap your ribs like toothpicks with the amazingness that is this post.

Ok, I suck. All my plans I had for greatness failed greatly. Which is great, I guess.
Efforts to be clever have been hampered by life lately. Let me share…

Enormous car accident.
Visit from my Canadian family.
Missing the Walking Dead premiere and subsequent episodes.
Eleanor’s first birthday.

Too much drama….. Don’t even want to get into the car accident. It was just shitty. I will sum it up with the fact that it turned out the driver was uninsured. And old. And possibility legit cray-cray. Oh, and it involved a car I had owned since the beginning of January that was completely written off.

Clearly something of this magnitude was meant to happen at this precise time, because my parents visiting from Canada couldn’t have been better timed. They babysat while Babes and I car shopped endlessly. And made us dinner. And bought us wine. And my Mum rubbed my back while I was stressing out.

But it’s all passed now. I will be firmly parking it there and not dwelling on it. Focusing instead on the future. And all of the treasure that it holds.

As I am starting off on this new blogging focus, I forget that you don’t know me as well as I think you do. Aren’t you my best friend? I’m pretty sure you are…

Here’s a few family details:

Babes is the hard working man. Literally he works two jobs, 7 days a week. I heart him. We met in Japan, which is so random. He was born in New York. He is very tall.

Vincent is 4… Say no more.

Eleanor is 1. Tomorrow. Seriously, that’s her birthday. Also, she’s perfect.

I am Jaime. I am both Canadian and (have become) American. We are busy people, but we love hard. And true.

Please feel free to ask questions! I enjoy sharing, mostly way too much…. So ask away. I will answer.

And if you are on Instagram, so am I @ohdeerestme Please stop by and check me out!

xoxo Jaime (ps, I haven’t juiced in 2 weeks and I might cry, I miss it so much. Starting the game back up tomorrow!)