Ninja Turtles-slash-crochet… One Mothers dream

Crafty things are in the works over on this side of North America. But it’s good. Sweet. Beautiful. Slightly uneven.
Ok, so I’m crocheting again. Oh, and juicing. OH! AND, hitting the wheat free/paleo like a mother.

And by all of that, I mean my parents have left for Canada and we can run the juicer at 6 am again and not feel super guilty. It does sound like a lawnmower and we were hesitant to set it off while they were sleeping 3 feet away from it.

That would have, for sure, make me the worst daughter ever.

Anyways, crochet. It’s my bitch.
I am hand carrying around yarn and hooks in my purse. At the speed that this afghan is growing, it will soon need its own bag. Which might, actually, make me it’s bitch instead.

But I’m ok it with that. This is, so far, the furthest I have gotten in creating something since forever. I have a stack of crochet projects that either didn’t go the way I wanted them to, or I ran out of yarn, or I got sidetracked by something else completely… (Oh! Harry Potter fan fiction on goodreads! Babies! Shiny things! Squee!)

My imagination cannot keep up with my hands. Too many projects, not enough spare time. Babies and zombies and that other thing called ‘a job’ keep getting in the way. I feel sometimes that as soon as I start a crafty project, my imagination immediately comes up with an even better one. One that I lust after in the deep recesses of my mid. And then I start to loath my current project and gradually become less and less focused on it. Until I stop by a craft store, find some new pretty yarn, buy it and then put the kids to bed early so I can get started. I usually try not to make eye contact with the older project and espouse things like “Can’t wait to finish that(those) blanket(s)!”

When Eleanor was about 6 months old I decided I was going to make a mobile for her bedroom. I seriously hate all the crap you buy in places like BabysRus, MacroBaby etc. Hate the mobiles. I have these weird issues with things that are overtly ‘cute-baby-pink-monkey’d’ or ‘baby monkey’d’. I actually hate those baby girl monkeys that you see on so many girl outfits. In fact, if it has a monkey on it, and that monkey is wearing a flower/headband/summer dress/carrying a purse/eating a lollipop, I feel enraged.

Yup. It’s an issue.

Anyways, I made her this super cute mobile out of felt, that I embroidered with her name and hung by cream ribbon from doweling that I covered in cream yarn. Little cream bows are everywhere, its adorable, I love it and she ignored it as soon as I hung it over her crib.

She ignored it for months and months and months. Despite lying on her back and staring directly at it. She was practically snuffing my creative vibe with every evening that passed.

Until tonight. SHE NOTICED IT!!! And the smile that broke out on her face as it danced and swayed over her head made me so proud. It was craft justification. It was my imagination valued by one person. It was my sweet little daughter’s delight shining through as she noticed something she had never noticed before. Something she was clearly enamored with.

And so that, on the tail end of a day that was rather less so in the grand scheme of things, plus a glass of pinot noir, was delightful.

And again, feel free to ask me any questions about pretty much anything. I like sharing. And I probably like you too. Unless you like those creepy girl monkeys. Then we might have issues.

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xoxo Jaime