Still here, Still doing laundry

Oh Mondays, you are SO good for focusing on the weekend recap.

I think sometimes that a Monday, if delivered properly, shows you all the beauty that you missed seeing during your weekend.

So Saturday for example (Moms, take note): Before having deliciously, clever plans where you go random thrifting and find actual silver cutlery, take heed that there may be none at all. Therefore foiling all plans to create some kind of super wind chime made from old silverware. If you were wondering, that was actually my Saturday plan. (I am pretty sure you are thinking something like ‘PLEASE’) But in my mind, it sounded good. And so off we went innocently to a local thrift shop.

Guess what I found: polka records, no spoons at all, a line up of 15 people buying pants and absolutely no dvds of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles from the early 90’s. I was disappointed. So we went to a pawn shop that was right next door. There I found: drills, beanie babies, no dvds of Ninja Turtles and absolutely no silverware at all. What kind of pawnshops are these? Are they some kind of weird East Coast thing where nobody has any family silver and apparently pawns none of it?


And so, off we went to Hobby Lobby. Where I let Vincent pick out whatever he wanted in terms of beads, keys and wire. Kids crafting is the best thing ever. If you ever need a boost to your soul, ask a 5 year old to make a windchime with you. It will lighten your heart. Plus, hopefully, they will say adorable things like “Mummy, if birds had hands, they wouldn’t be able to fly. That’s why they have wings instead!”



Oh. Hey. Things like old brass, turquoise, Asian styled beads and bronze are elements that combine perfectly in small peoples minds. Oh god, was this ever fun to make, the final project is hanging outside of our front door.

Note to self:  Don’t be too hard on yourself. Keep in mind that craft projects are craft projects: All doable. And whether you think it looks awesome or not, I can pretty much guarantee that it is.

Sometimes I feel like complex crafting is the best. It’s more challenging mentally, plus you get to know more of your neighbourhood while you source for original goods.

My supply list was pretty simple. We used a sturdy, snipable beading wire, several packets of plastic and metal beads that had holes big enough to thread them on the wire. I ring of iron keys found at a craft store. I upcycled the ring the keys were hanging on into a mobile hanger. I had a hard time finding lovely big wooden beads, which would have been preferred, as would have been some secondhand silver etc. Regardless, this was extremely easy to make and very enjoyable. And is displayed with pride outside our house. Get crafting lovelies!

xoxo Jaime