Wednesday Reads


I have to admit, I have been an avid reader from a very early age. A very avid reader. But somehow it took me until this year, January to be exact, to catch on to that thing that is GoodReads. And once I figured it out? (as it’s not exactly rocket science) Oh.Good.God.


There is something very satisfying about logging what you are reading and sharing it with others. Not in a “Oh gosh, I am terribly well-read, look at all my books” kind of show-off way. But just a complete personal satisfaction. And also maybe a hope of future discoveries. I will admit that Orlando isn’t exactly the friendliest book town. Not like where I grew up, which actually was so proud of being a book town that it was the town’s slogan. And it was jam-packed with amazing, colourful, secondhand bookstores with extremely vibrant personalities.

Orlando? Not so much. I feel like people read less here. Which makes me yearn for those bookstores I used to encounter at every street corner as a young adult/twenty-something.

Ok and so here is where I confess that I am ridiculous: I am currently reading Harry Potter fan fiction.


I KNOW! What is up with that?! But, once read, I have not been able to stop. I’ve dropped everything else I was in the middle of. Bu-Bye Libba Bray and your magical lands, so long Deborah Harkness and all of your witch discovery. And hello James Potter and the Hall of Elders’ Crossing by G. Norman Lippert.

And so next confession, I am a young adult fiction nerd. Have been for years, will always be. I remember picking up the first Harry Potter novel in Canada years ago. I swear it was first edition. Wish I knew where it was. Not to say that I am a huge HP freak or anything. I certainly didn’t stand in line, in costume, to get the books as they were released. But I definitely pre-ordered them, like sane people do, and picked them up in store.

I adored the series. It was so fresh and clever. It spawned a million different copycats. I seriously feel it either enlightened or popularized a genre of books that had been rather lower in the totem pole then other genres had.

The spin offs have been delightful. For the most part.

And oddly enough, this fan fiction, based on the adventures of Harry’s son James, is extremely endearing. And extremely detailed. And feels like you are at Hogwarts. And so, I cannot put it down. So. GoodReads it up my friends. Check out the free ebooks section. It is full of actual timeless classics. And then random free fan-faction. But I swear, SWEAR, if you are a Harry Potter fan, you will enjoy reading about his son’s adventures. It’s, frankly, kind of like crack.

But delicious, magic-filled crack, not scary, meth-your-face-out-and-destroy-your-life crack.

Oh, and feel free to follow me there, GoodReads, I mean. User name is ohdeerestme. I like meeting people who can read. So, please check me out!

xoxo Jaime