Strawberry Jam: Redux

Last weekend, with my best intentions at heart, I drove for….hmmm, about an hour (don’t tell my husband), to a very particular strawberry farm, just to find out they were out of berries for the weekend. (Note to self: Call ahead in future).

This weekend, I was slightly smarter and just went to the local grocery store.

It’s strawberry season in Florida right now, therefore literally every store is brimming with deliciousness. I have always had a weakness for fresh strawberries, right back to toddlerhood. My mother LOVES to remind me how sensitive I was to them as a child. I literally could only eat 4 and anymore after that were, shall we say, rejected. They are so hard to resist, especially when freshly picked and warm from the sun.


Taking a quick bath

I woke up yesterday morning with the dream. The strawberry dream. Oh yes, you know what it is…
Off to purchase strawberries first thing and then off to the MacTop to figure out what to do with them. Having a few small children did not inspire me to boil jars, so I elected for freezer jam, with a few modifications.

I found a delightful recipe on Pinterest (aka crack), added a few elements and voila! Jam!


Sweet baby awesome. This worked out great. I added more lemon juice when my sugar wouldn’t melt and then, when it wouldn’t jell, I elected to add pectin. 7 small jars later, I was thrilled. (I took the drippings leftover from the pot and poured then into a small Tupperware container. And way later, when when everyone was in bed, I slathered it on top of a fresh slice of bread and butter and practically swooned in the kitchen.)

Vincent ferried the strawberries back and forth from the sink to the stove, mixed things and was basically my strawberry husband. To spice up our jars a little, I let him trace the lids on origami paper, cut out the circles and then glue them to the top of the lids. I think they look delightful. Vince proudly showed his to Daddy (who shot me a side-eye and said “Well, they certainly look like something you’d do.” Which I will take to mean they look awesome.)


Decor by Vincent, inspired by Mummy

So we have a fridge full of strawberry jam that was completely fuss-free. We delivered some jar to some of our favorite people and Vincent was so very proud of how he helped me. It definitely made me feel as if I accomplished something this weekend. And I followed this up with a raw zuchinni noodle lasagne. Which I will post later. Epic productive day.

Enjoy your Sunday, lovelies!

xoxo Jaime