NPR: My current addiction

Some days, when you are in a hurry to fit everything in, the world and you match up perfectly and you encounter something in it that is random but majestic, moving and marvelous.

Rushing on my abbreviated lunch break today to hit the bank and still have time to eat lunch, I hopped in my VW and cranked on NPR. Last year I made a personal choice to switch from crappy, local pop-radio to NPR. Not only does this keep me in touch with what is actually happening in the world, but it delightfully addresses the most interesting topics. Things I think the regular listener wouldn’t encounter and a few that voracious readers would be hard pressed to run across. Or things Canadians, only living in the USA for 7 years wouldn’t necessarily know about.

As I drove over to the bank, the Diane Rehm show was on and she was interviewing an author named Matthew Goodman. He was talking about Jules Verne, a most excellent writer. And from there diverged to his latest book which was about another interesting character altogether. A kind of scrappy woman reporter from the turn of the century that did things that people these days would make movies out of.

Like pretend to be insane and have herself committed, or challenge fictional characters to a race around the world.

And so while I was listening to Mr Goodman tell her story, I almost drove through the bank. Luckily it was a drive-through and I simply had to reverse a bit. And then shout at the teller over the radio as I could not let this story go. I more I heard, the more I wanted to know. And the more I learned, the more my imagination swelled with delicious daydreams. Of me as an intrepid woman reporter, ready to risk all for, well, all. For the story, for the experience, and for the sheer and genuine reward of exposing humans in all their fallacies.

And then? I went back to work.

And that was kind of a let down. I picked up the kids, sped to a kid doctor appointment, sped home, cooked a healthy and nutritious meal (yes, I know. Nobody cares about this part. It’s for the timeline people) and then googled like a madwoman (no pun intended) in between bouts of “Mummy!!” and “Wah!” While having a glass of Merlot.

Diane Rehm was entranced on NPR this afternoon. Usually I love it when she rips someone apart, but I almost loved it even more when she encounters a subject so appealing and an author/orator so perfect that you can’t help but feel chills while he tells the tale of Nellie Bly. Listen to it HERE.

And then, if you are like me, are so engaged and fascinated and need more information, do the usual. WIKI

And then if you are still like me, extra fascinated, charmed, think she is gorgeous and secretly wish this was your other persona, do THIS

xoxo Jaime, your intrepid girl reporter