Mint: My heart

I am seriously going to put THE most positive spin on having the stomach flu.

Are you ready? It’s pretty outstanding. My husband even rolled his eyes at me when I stated it this evening, while standing in the kitchen after vacuuming the upstairs, sweeping the floor, making baby dinner and whipping up a extremely boring dinner for myself…

I am calling it a life changing event.

Yup, that’s right.

I am also calling it a mini-cleanse and a detox. Both of which I feel are rather appropriate.

So after an extremely rough 48 hours, I am better, feeling super positive, focusing on energy and effectiveness and am currently minting some water in the fridge to make a water-based mojito-type-thing. Mama needs some all natural afternoon pick-me-up.

But in all honesty, hanging around in the depths of agony for hours cursing everything and then lying in a flu-coma for a day and a half does give a person time for reflection.

My efforts so far this year to to increase my energy and positivity have been decent, but after the last few days of total hell, I really think I need to improve my focus. Ok, so are you ready?

Some people hate this kind of thing, but suck it. I live for it!

I am so striving to remove negativity from my life. And that includes other people’s attitudes. And projected negativity. Because all it does is create and breed. (I know, I know. But it DOES!)

And so with removing, one must add to balance out. And the things I’m going to add are so awesome!!


Actually I mean more water. I am going to be one hydrated bitch. Hence that minted water in the fridge.

I have the best of intentions and more focus since I have my health back. I cannot wait for the day to start!

xoxo Jaime