Hydration party

Working through sickness is something that can be rather rough. (I know. “Hi!! It’s Captain Obvious!”)

Having just made it through a rather awful bout, let me tell you, I hate Gatorade. And ginger ale. Hate hate. And coconut water? HATE.

Or whatever it is that you have been sipping, while reclining on the couch with a cool cloth draped over your brow as you slowly rehydrate and attempt to turn back into an actual person, I hate that too.

So somehow, after last nights immaculate recovery, I found myself unearthing some old jam jars and picking some sprigs of fresh peppermint. I thought some refreshing peppermint water in the morning would help keep my stomach on the straight and narrow, while hydrating.

Yay hydration! It’s my new best friend. No seriously, it really is.

I spent the morning hydrating like an m-f’er and by noon, my energy had completely returned and I was spouting out annoying one-liners, problem solving and generally being perky and over positive.

Peppermint is a freakin tiger.
So this evening, I whipped up a few new jars. A peppermint-lime, an orange-ginger and paprika-ginger.

Freshly picked peppermint with a few thin lime slices. I didn’t squeeze the lime at all, preferring to just let it sort of soak and infuse. Mmmm… (Should I add some cucumber to this tomorrow or not? I cannot decide)

Freshly grated ginger with a few very thin orange slices. Cannot. Wait. To. Try.

Fresh ginger with a sprinkle of paprika. Think I will add a few slices of lime to this one tomorrow morning.

End result: Super hydration, mega energy, palate delight, imagination boost.

Thank god. Did you even imagine that water could do this to you?
Well it can. Stay thirsty my friends…

xoxo Jaime