Sunday reflections

As I may have mentioned, I am a West Coast girl. Born and raised. But essentially I have been an expat for a decade now… Last week a newer co-worker asked “Oh so you’re from Canada? How long did you live there for?”

My answer was ‘All my life.”

Which is true, and not true. But it was a knee-jerk answer. Because I did live my whole first life there. And then I moved to Japan, met Mike and my second life began. Three years in Japan and embarking on my seventh in the United States. That is a decade of adventures, my friends…

A quarter of a century of Canadian living. Plus an expat decade.
Hey guess what? My 25 Canadian cents is buried deep. And as much as I know that my vocabulary and accent have changed since I left the Motherland, some things surface from time to time.

I apologize a lot. I can’t help it. (I’m apologizing as we speak)

I drink a lot of tea.

And today while I was brewing some super awesome Mighty Leaf Jasmine tea, I could not (for the life of me) find my travel mug. How on earth was I going to travel without it? I had an Easter dinner to go to, with two small adorable people and I needed that tea, damn it! We also had an early morning park date with the swings and it was too early to do it without extra tea!

I grabbed the only thing that I could find, which happened to be a mason jar. I poured it in, screwed the lid on, plunked it in the stroller and we rolled…

And despite it looking like I was strolling with a jar of urine, it was perfect. So perfect that I repeated the whole process when we headed over to my inlaws.

But you know what? It was convenient, earth-friendly, easy to clean and reuse and I already have plans to modge-podge it with origami paper

And frankly, I could care less if you think I’m cruising with urine. As, frankly again, it’s always a possibility that I did need that jar for that exact purpose.

Multitasking. Boom.

xoxo Jaime (Happy Easter by the way!)