Tart and spicy. C’est moi. Oh, and that juice I just made

Alright, I had the best intentions this evening to blog about recent fun crafty things I’ve been doing…. But THEN.
I was on Instagram and I found this wicked juice recipe.
And frankly, it’s way more interesting than me painting herb pots and decorating mason jars so you can’t see my tea that looks exactly like urine.

I mean, those things are all well and good, but this juice is so spectacular that I just have to share it.

Original recipe:
2 collard leaves
3 mustard green leaves
2 oranges
1 lime

Dude. Sounds easy, right? I couldn’t find whole leaves or either collard greens or mustard greens.
So therefore?

My recipe:
1/2 bag of mustard greens
1/2 bag of collard greens
4 oranges
2 limes

I was doubling to make a big batch so the husband and I could each have a glass after our very light evening meals. I think when I make it again tomorrow, I will up the greens and reduce the citrus.

This is one tasty juice. Packed packed packed with vitamin c, antioxidants and fresh, tart and spicy. Just like me!

And check out this awesome ig account @chaudsjuicetherapy

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xo Jaime