It’s National Poetry month. I’m pretty excited about this!

Previous to the beginning of this month, I think the last time I’d written a poem, or attempted one, probably was in high school.

Let me share with you my current point of view on poems:


Aren’t they though?

And so, I am taking the NaMoWriPo challenge. It’s something like that anyways. maybe NoMoWriPo? Well, whatever it is, I am going to try, as best I can, to write one poem every day.

Keeping in mind that its been rather a long time since its been attempted. Obviously.

Especially if you (all one of you) have been reading my poor attempts earlier this week.

And so here is my plan. One short poem, or creative prose every day. Bear with me? I gotta work some shit out.

xoxo Jaime (be sweet to me please!)