Dear heart, love me


Oh hey there,

Early week break from creative prose to reflect…

The more I’ve been juicing, the more I feel it makes me focus not only on my physical heath, but my emotional health as well. And while it may get sidelined in favour of the other, it is equally if not more important.

So here are a few thoughts on emotional cleansing:

Be forgiving. Others are not as focused as you. Nor do they put as much thought into their decisions as you do

Be kind. Everyone appreciates those small gestures, even when they are incapable of giving them themselves.

Be honest. No elaboration needed. Just do it.

Be healthy. Because the world needs you, your family does too.

And finally, most importantly, be true and giving.

Be the truest you that you can be. With your sweetness, your soul, your heart and all of your life and living. Give wholeheartedly to your family. Because life is, really, short. And regrets are long.

So don’t regret. Don’t regret anything. Your health, your love, your life, your dreams.

I think that it’s easy for people, in a world full of social media and over-exposure, to overlook messages like this. I know I did in the past. But life can reach a maximum sometimes where you realize that what your output is as important as your input.

Essentially, don’t overlook your message. And what you have to give to the world around you. It really is important. Very, terribly important.

Much love, with kindness,

Jaime xoxo