Learn how to bend {learning}


……(I wrote that, then bent over my mason jar to sip the cab-sav filling it)

That’s not really the bending I meant. But it works, it is Wednesday after all. And after a short hiatus, I am back. Focusing on clean living and positivity. Real life got a wee bit out of control last week and overrode itself into the actual life that is real. Did that make sense? I hope so.

Somehow my early week focus always involves wine. Which, it appears, is needed more frequently than not. From a maternal point of view. And by that, I really mean my point of view.

As in: I was pooped on publicly and dramatically for the majority of the weekend.

With actual poop.

Ok, that’s really it. I mean, there were other things too, but that was the most horrible part. And when I write it down like that, it seems so insignificant.

Probably because it was.

I might as well stop being a baby. It was just poo after all. And reflecting on this over Earth Day (and the days following), I find that this type of ‘incident’ is technically biodegradable, especially when it happens on the floor of your local grocery.

Obviously Florida should be thanking me for my (our) contribution.

And post-event, the rain washed ‘the event’ off the shopping cart.

Family: important. Public feces: legit

Learning. Focus. Bending. Learning how to bend.

Weekend lessons suddenly can be a bit more real/true than you ever thought?life

I love you, whomever you are. Extra points if you are reading this.

my sincere love, Jaime