Rebooted, in progress


So Monday was the start of our great cleanse. And by ‘great’, I might have been exaggerating a little as it really is just 5 days. And day one is down! Booyah!!

Also, I am starving but I am pretending that it’s just a state of mind and I am, in fact, hydrated and satisfied with my watermelon pineapple juice and my hot mug of green tea.

I started my day with a few cups of hot water and lemon and broke my fast later in the morning with a delicious carrot, apple, lemon juice.

8 medium carrots
1 medium apple (or 2 teeny ones)
1 lemon, mostly peeled. (I left a little rind on for some extra tartness)

I, frankly, could drink this all day long.

‘Lunch’ was a huge green juice.

3 cucumbers
1 pear
1 lemon
1/2 bunch of parsley
8 romaine leaves
4 kale leaves

I could drink this every single second of the day. It’s tart and refreshing and smells earthy and inviting.

I drank water with lemon for the rest of the afternoon and cruised home to make a kitchen sink dinner drink.

1/3 fresh pineapple
1/2 watermelon
1/2 lemon

(This one made enough for Mike and I to both enjoy it) And enjoy it we did… It was like drinking cotton candy, so frothy and pink.

I am currently sucking back the decaf green tea and pretending that I do not need a salt lick superglued to my face.

I want salt. SALT! Like salty kale chips, Hummous, Greek olives, any olives, grilled sausages on the BBQ, avocados with lemon pepper, hazelnuts… I think I will stop. Because I am literally salivating at the though of any and all of them. (Goat cheese orgasm!).

Clearly today was the perfect opportunity to bake fries and chicken nuggets and have my house fill with the most inviting aroma ever. I almost attacked my sons dinner. He kept telling me “Mummy!! This is SO delicious.” Jerk.

Anyways, hopefully I make it through the night. And I am planning an early morning run to start the second day off on the right foot.

And retreading the above, none of this is coherent. At all. I am, apparently, hallucinating.

xoxo off to bed to dream of salt…… Jaime