Tomorrow, redux (a day late)

As per usual, I am currently planning tomorrow.

Let me tell you how good it’s going to be! That would be amazing.
Shall I tell you why? (It’s so good…. For real. It involves adorable love)

This past week saw Mike and I celebrating our 8th wedding anniversary. 8 years of marriage, 11 years since we met in Japan as English teachers.
Sometimes I think people thought we wouldn’t last, it was rather random after all. But hey! So is love. And sometimes love has to travel really far to find its perfect match.

Me being a West Coast Canadian and him being an East Coast New Yorker, meeting each other in Japan clearly plays to our love of the bizarre…

I digress… What this is all about is being there for each other….

And being there for each other means being healthy. And being healthy means, well, being healthy.

Things just keep getting in the way of us being hotties. Be it health dramas, work, whatever. We are complicated. Probably why we are such a good match.

Anyways, Monday starts our anniversary present to each other. A juice cleanse. We were both so happy to receive it as a gift! Yay us!

Ok, all joking aside, we are starting a reboot tomorrow, a 5 day juice cleanse. I am so excited. I’ve hit up I’ve looked at some juicing strategies, I have a bag packed for work tomorrow full of lemon, tea and water.

Reboot posts to follow, all this week. We are kicking it up a notch!

xoxo Jaime (for some reason, this didn’t post last night! So there will be a post to follow on day one of our cleanse 🙂 )