Reboot: progress report (aka my husband is still alive)


Day three has passed, I’m still alive.

And so is Mike, which is a clear indication of how well everything is going. It was touch and go last night when Vincent threw a fit and shattered a remote control on the living room floor.

TOUCH AND GO. For real.

After I marched Vince upstairs, put him to bed in tears after taking away his pillow pet star pillow that he loves as a punishment, THEN proceeded to feel super guilty and so curled up and moped on the couch. While Mike fixed the remote and rolled his eyes at me, I lay curled in a fetal position and played some soul-saving Candy Crush Saga on my iPad.

About 45 minutes later, Mike piped up “So I guess the juice is treating you well?” (Ass.)

I woke up this morning feeling awesome however.

And despite my coworker stating rather firmly to me something along the lines of “For the love of god Jaime, it sounds like your stomach is trying to attack me. Can you please eat something?!”
I stuck with my juice, water and decaf tea.

(Confession: I dipped my finger in Vincent’s BBQ sauce and licked it off.)
{Ps confession: it tasted awful and I immediately regretted it. And then felt guilty.}

Day four is coming up tomorrow and I am starting it off with a 5 am run.

Project Get Fit is firmly underway!

xoxo Jaime