Fresh Monday

It’s Monday and I am still alive.

By that I mostly mean that I survived a 5 day juice cleanse last week. Mostly.
Friday night rolled around and the husband and I celebrated with some organic Pinot Noir, savory guacamole, tandoori shrimp in lettuce wraps and a little caprese salad. And splurged on a few blue cheese stuffed olives.

After 5 days of drinking every meal, words cannot express how fucking awesome this meal was. As was the wine. As was the company.

Definitely my appetite was smaller. However, our meal was fresher and empty of fillers and condiments, light on starches and minimal on the dairy side of things.

And can I just say I want to eat everything in a lettuce wrap forever? I’m quite certain that can be accomplished if I really put my mind to it.

Sitting in the evening breeze with my husband, while he grills asparagus and artichokes and we debate lettuce wrap fillings. No tv, only the sounds of the neighborhood filling the night air. Tomorrow brings something new to look forward as I meet with a trainer in the evening to discuss fitness goals.

So I will end this Monday on tart notes…

Mikes dressing for artichokes on the grill is as follows:

Juice of one lemon
Dash of olive oil
1 clove of garlic, chopped
Cracked pepper to taste

Super simple, all whisked together. Brushed on to the artichokes before and during the grilling process. Usually I like to dip the leaves in something, but not this time. Super puckery. I adore citrus everything. That giant cut on the inside of my lip would tell you otherwise, but screw him! He’s a jerk!

xoxo Jaime (who will be getting up at 5:15 am to get ready for a quick morning run)