Peaceful Tuesday

About a year and a half ago, Babes and I made the decision to ditch cable tv. Seems like a big step, right?

We were already using Netflix, we had just gotten Apple TV, what more did we really need? Ok, so we pay for Hulu prime as well and have Amazon Prime which streams free shows and movies.
Basically we have a million ways to watch some crap other people think up. And we were watching pretty much none of it.

So why pay? Also, who seriously needs five million tv channels full of garbage? All I watch anyways is awful 80’s action movies.

So we ditched it.
And at first people were all like “Whaaa..??? But how do you watch shows?”

Well. We don’t. Because we work and are raising two kids. So realistically, tv viewing time is max 45 minutes in the evenings during the week. That would be adult viewing time. There’s always time for Transformers Prime or Ninja Turtles, which is little dude’s current preference.

Also, don’t you just think that the very idea of stating things like “I’ve got to catch up on my shows” not only sounds like its work, but also kinda like “I’ve gots to get ma dialin’ wand” or “I wash ma self wit a rag on a stick.” And yes, those are both references to The Simpsons, where Homer gets really fat and wears a muumuu. I knew you’d get it!

As more time went on, we missed it less and less. (Basically tv for us is now either The Walking Dead, or some Gordon Ramsey show (I enjoy how he yells). (And Transformers obviously.) And less people asked us or engaged us in conversations about ‘shows’. And the more that I reflect on our choice, the more I think that it was the first step to our lifestyle change.

We would rather do more meaningful things with our time then couch our asses. Like chat by the light of a citronella candle while I blog, Mike reads god knows what (streaming meme sites, sports etc) and we munch on freshly grilled veg and sip soda water with fresh lemon.

I don’t regret the decision to lose TV at all. I encourage you to ditch it too. Enjoy your family and the earth. And enjoy the scent of citronella in the evening breeze while you chill with that awesome person you spend your free time with…

xoxo Jaime


(Grilling this evening, zucchini, red bell peppers, portabello mushrooms and asparagus. Lightly brushed with Mike’s lemon dressing from last night and sprinkled with fresh cracked pepper. Nom.)