Calm Tuesday

It’s another peaceful Tuesday out here….

Currently we are grilling some meeeeet, that we are going to chop up and throw on some naan bread and make some fire grilled pizza. Sounds good, no?

We aren’t the biggest meat eaters these day. We have really been embracing the veg-life. Grilling the veg. Juicing the veg. Barely seasoning the veg and enjoying it super fresh and crispy. But every once in a while, we crave. For me, a bit of Italian sausage does the trick. (Mike, who is Italian, is snickering across the table as I make this announcement. Must remember: Mouth needs filter.)

But anyways, it’s savory, juicy and chopped up, tastes awesome on pizza and also makes the best leftovers.

This evenings throw-together-I’m-exhausted-Mike-is-cooking meal will be something as follows:

A couple of fresh (as in not frozen), grilled spicy Italian sausages

After they grill up nice and crispy, chop ’em up and get ready to load up the naan.

A little red sauce, some fresh basil from the garden, artichoke hearts, fresh mozzarella and Parmesan are completing the toppings for this evening. (Psst: I made tandoori chicken pizza on naan a few weeks back and it was awesome)

Load and grill on a lower heat and watch them. We’ve burnt them before getting distracted (not by Candy Crush Saga of course, oh no. Nope.)

Obviously have your partner cut and serve them up. You already walked and fed the dog/put the kids to bed/ made 2L of juice for tomorrow/cleaned the whole kitchen/folded vintage linens etc and clearly need a break.

Plus, after that giant crap of a Monday, it certainly is perfect to enjoy company and solitude, quiet and deliciousness, dog/other animal that isn’t a dog snuggles, fresh air/peace in the evening.

And some reflections to end the day with…

Focusing and projecting calm really does work. Not only on the exterior, but the interior. And what affects the outside really makes an impact on the inside.

A lot of the time, not projecting calm can really impact your surroundings. My mind immediately went to the mess I walked in on this morning at work. And I shall be extremely vague about it, but lets say that about a minute after I sat down, everything was resolved. And there were no dire circumstances at all. Just other people smiling patiently when I spoke with them with nods of understanding. Resolution. Perfect. I love being calm.

Plus lets be realistic… The world is chaotic enough these last few years as it is, so I think it’s even more important, everyday, to focus and be calm. It resonates with those you least expect. It keeps your soul firm. It keeps your heart full of empathy. Real empathy, not that fake shit people throw around these days with such ease.

So, mindfulness. Calm. Pizza. Naan. Focus.

And much love to you and your sweet souls… xoxoxo Jaime