It’s raining here, which always gives me time to think. Florida rains like Mexico does, warm and personal and mostly unexpected. But welcome at the same time. I feel like I, personally, needed the rain today.

Don’t you sometimes feel like you need to watered?

My normal weekend m.o. is to basically be a single parent. My husband is a reading coach at a middle school, plus works a second job. So I try, really hard, to leave him extra time to work on the weekends.

And we’ve been doing this for years, so it’s normal for me now to plan my weekends as solo parentis. Actually, it feels rather off to socialize with other people during the weekend. Also, I am the worst socializer ever.

The last few days I ran several miles at really early hours. Really, really early hours. So early, in fact, that I totally had an epiphany.

I wondered to myself why on earth I was waking up at times like 5:30 M (today) and 6:30 am (yesterday). But yet, I was so rested. And awake. So awake. So goddamn awake actually that there was no way I could be any less awake then I was.

This morning, at 5:30, I snuck out of my house and went running. It was steamy, birds were chirping, I was sweaty, there MAY have been an alligator. (And by that, there probably was one somewhere. But I didn’t see it).

Saturday, I did something similar.

Last week, I hit the gym early to lift weights and run. Repeatedly. Yesterday I fit into pants I haven’t worn in months. I’ve been doing it for about a month now… It’s running into my life. My ‘I pretend I write’ life.

Four weeks is enough to start a habit. And tomorrow, as much as I would like to sleep in a little later, I realize that I can squeeze in a weight routine before work. Sweet.

I am currently watering my soul.

Watering projects may continue to interrupt regular blog… As they currently have been…

But I still heart you xoxo Jaime