Sidetrack: Rage


Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start, don’t you think?
Sometimes even though you don’t know where to start, you still don’t know where to start.

And just to sidetrack for a minute, I somehow managed to talk Mike into watching Commando this evening and I am reveling in Arnold, Alyssa and the baby deer they just fed. 80’s movie bliss!!!

This weekend we celebrated a little boy turning 5. And promptly after his party, he announced “I’m now pretending I’m 6!!” Perfect. You are growing up so fast, I imagined your wife the other night. I liked her.


I’m wallowing in drama and memories this evening. Much like I did the night before. And the night before that.

And then the rage switched on. Rage at the fact that a five year old just threw a plate of spaghetti at me. And a fork. And then yelled at me for asking him to clean up his dishes.

Don’t you think that life with children is equal parts wallowing in memories and drowning in rage? A delightful, innocent sort of rage. But still rage.

Back to how it’s hard to know where to start. Lol.

Here’s a few things that are hard to know where to start:

Quilting. Haven’t made a quilt in about 20 years, but hey guess what! I’m going to make a king sized one for our bed. Size is not an issue.

Writing as a profession. How on earth does one get pointed in the right direction? If only I was Susan Musgrave. I wouldn’t need to be pointed, I would just be there.

Managing curly hair: I am awkward and have no redeeming skills in either the hair or makeup department. Sometimes it makes me feel inadequate. Most of the time I couldn’t give a shit.

Understanding 80’s movies. They mostly make no sense and I find them delightfully innocent.

Unable to figure out all these babes on Instagram that are crafty, gorgeous, slim and all have clever blogs and amazing camera skills. Can I please take the course you took? Seriously. There’s a million of them and they all DIY their own floor rugs, shelving units, hair, babies. Why am I following them all? Why don’t my painted coffee cans look as awesome as planters as theirs?

There are so many mysteries in this world…

These days I am seriously making more of an effort then ever to solve them. Might take more time then I thought, but what you put out there into the universe you get back. So putting out effort, positivity and questions is clearly going to get you back results, smiles and answers. All of which are important in every single day you are on this earth.

And yes. I make an enormous effort every day to be polite and positive. An enormous effort. Given that I have an enormous dirty mind. And am surrounded with numerous people that love the negative. It’s all about vibes. Be mindful of what you put out into the universe… (I always get caught up in these long blurbs about positivity…. It’s in my sol. I can’t help it! Sorry!!)

Anyways, I am in summer vacation mode as the kids are home with Daddy for the next few months. Extra time will surely be located to share more positivity!

xoxo Jaime