Pinterest Win!


There are few things as glorious as a Pinterest Win.

Just like everyone else on the freaking planet, I Pinterest and fail epically. One of my more awful fails involved melting shaved crayons onto wax paper, which ended up looking like I’d just biopsied a lung. Or several. And with great glee, I hung my lung segments, cut into heart-shapes for Valentines Day in the window of my house. So gory and awful. And actually rather amusing.


Build your own teepee= fail.

Paint curtains= surprising win.

Several other non-specific thing that are too horrific to go into= fail.

Fail fail fail. Until I won. #bam

(I’m mentally hash tagging like a freak, but I am a normal person. Swear.)

A few days ago I spotted a stellar tshirt in the boys section in Target. And while I was staring at it, I became convinced that it would be my new workout tank. The how’s hadn’t been worked out yet.
So I just bought the biggest boy size possible and then left it in my bag for about 4 days.

And this evening, while I overused Pinterest, I got out my extra sharp scissors and remained hopeful.

And about 40 minutes and 2 glasses of wine later, I am feeling rather pleased!!


(Mandatory gym sesh tmrw. Must wear new shirt)

xoxo Jaime