Pinterest: A Cautionary Tale

Pinterest is a land full of things that I mostly never make. But I like to look at. I think of it sort of like a china cabinet, full of curios. Things people long for, sentiments they cannot readily express, projects they admire, with digital tangibleness. (Which is a word)

After my last week of ‘everyone and their mother (me) has strep and is pooping and voming like a champ everywhere and is on antibiotics, exhausted, cranky and covered in diarrhea stains that they haven’t really noticed’, Pinterest and I became a little better acquainted.

Actually, we got married and are currently in the honeymoon phase. Which means we still love each other. And that I push all the buttons the right way. And we are on each other night and day. Yes. I mean exactly that. I sometimes wake up at 2 am and find myself pinning for no real good reason. I KNOW!

And by Saturday last weekend, my antibiotics were done, I was feeling slightly energetic and had found a recipe for veggie wontons and skeleton cookies on Pinterest. Both of these got Vince and I through the afternoon. I prepped my wontons, Vince prepped his cookies.

We were like this delicate ballet of culinary awesomeness while, obviously, Eleanor was taking a nap. Then the household paused and did some painting. It was a very crafternoon afternoon. Vincent exclaimed repeatedly “I’m an artistic!”, while he daubed paint all over the place.

We whipped out the double-boiler thingie that I threw together, dumped chocolate chips in for our skeleton cookies (which needed a white chocolate roll) and hung out some more. It was this super awesome son/mum evening. Vince was so excited about the chocolate, he came over to stir it. Supervised stirring.

And then…. Well he touched the stove top, burnt 3 finger tips and suddenly the whole entire family was in the car and heading to the ER.
Where they have slurpee machines. Because its Nemours.

Basically it was another slice of awesome, piled up on the other slices of awesome that had been hand delivered to me over the space of 4 days.

And I am blaming Pinterest. Because I was pinning all day long. And sometimes pinning is dangerous. It can lead to a slight lack of attention or to one of those things I am usually guilty of, which is a day full of too many Pinterest plans. This leads to mom-exhaustion. Which is also known as ‘person exhaustion’, which is also (according to V) “all the zasstions”.

Pinterest and I…. It’s slowly developing into a cautionary tale. A non-stop one. Pinterest will hurt you… More than you have ever been hurt before IN YOUR LIFE. If the ER is involved, it may cause excessive watching of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and/or The Magic School Bus. (Poll: which is better?)

However, even a trip to the ER isn’t really much of a deterrent.

Because I have plans for tomorrow. Many, many, MANY plans.

xoxo Jaime. Slightly psycho.