My life is a {book} party

I’ve read tons of books. Probably close to an actual ton, if I calculated out over the past several decades.

I’m not one with discerning taste either. I will read EVERYTHING. Case in point: the lure of Dinosaur Erotica. Let’s just say I am extremely tempted, I’m teetering. I’m right there.

Mainly more because I appreciate the fact that someone’s imagination not only went there, but it wrote it successfully enough to have it generate a whole new category of fiction. And frankly how often does that happen?

Well done, Dinosaur Erotica writers…. I’m secretly wishing I was you.
(Because of the creativity. Not the dinosaurs and sex. FYI. Ish.)

I’ve been rather quiet these last few weeks because I am mapping fiction. As in I am mapping out a town, a land, a country, a world. I’ve been drawing mini trees. Not well, but trees of sorts. Stories start in lands, lands must be born. And an author must, essentially ‘birth’ a world.

And as easy as my imagination thought it would be, it’s a mother fucking bitch to create. Mother mother fucking. Pardon my language, but creativity is passion and passion involves me. And my mind is in the gutter all day every day, which hopefully is not any surprise to anyone.

I have been wallowing in books. I probably have been reading more in the last few weeks than I have in a while. And I am mentally patting myself on the back for sneaking this extra reading in and also eyeing up my not as clean bathroom. Some things in life have gone lacking recently… And I am trying to not beat myself up about it. And while I have been reading like crazy, on the other end of the spectrum Vincent has been learning to read like crazy. And the more he reads and sees me read, well the better I feel about my obsession.

So I have been creating. Vince has been blooming. Eleanor has been repeating the word “No” endlessly. I’ve been reading. Vince has been eye-rolling. Eleanor had been saying “No”. I feel bursting at the seams with ideas. Pregnant-like. And considering how many people I am surrounded by who are actually pregnant, this probably should be considered reality.

And considering what I’ve been reading (damn you Jaime Fraser and Diana Gabaldon!)… Well, I think I will leave it at that. (Spankbank)

My pregnancy is coming along…. Other people who are actually pregnant with babies that are human, well I bet their pregnancy is right on track. I’m laboring. Currently. Permanently. With no end in sight… Hopefully the more I write, the more I will be able to curtail my adoration on ellipses. Abrupt sentences. And paragraphs that sound like how I talk.

And on that note, I shall snuggle with my iPad and plan. And read. But mostly plan.

With planning, Jaime ❤