Stars at my side

Evenings like these, when the rain drips and drops.
(It falls a little differently in Florida then it does in Canada.)

I feel the lack of my family more than ever. Not MY family, as my family is my family and my family is here as well as there. Longing is in my West Coast soul.

Cobble stones, ocean air. Raised eyebrows.
Indian middens, shells, inlets, smooth stones. Salt. Sand. Sand pails full of very small crabs. Shallow water. Treasures. Sandbars. Warm, salty water with lazy seaweed.

Stones. Rocky waters. White caps. Starboard bow dipping in and out of liquid glass.
The rocking hull of a sailboat. Waves at my side like a stalwart guard.

My dreams protected. My soul healed each evening I sleep…