The more I dwell on this New Year and the usual things people like to talk about as it starts, the more I am convinced that verbalizing choices is ruining.

I mean air quotes resolutions end air quotes.

It’s a fucking bitch (excusé moi) to come up this this terribly impressive list of shit that you are going to make happen. And once that list had been put out there, I’m pretty sure you are going to fail. Because such is the nature of making lists of things you need, or feel you need to accomplish in a 12 month period of time.

It’s a lot of pressure. But then, such is society these days. Between social media and it’s epic selection of hipster families that are effortlessly way more creative then you will ever be (EVER. Let’s be realistic), and that god damn parenting pressure to be perfect, it’s a mother fucker. A total M-FER of an F-ER.

I am pushing a movement to be nonverbal about resolutions this year. Because, you know what? Nobody really cares. And also, it’s your soul you reveal with these decisions. And also screw society.