Tiger tiger, burning bright
In my closet while I write.
Will I share you with the world
Or keep you hidden from its might?

In closets deep and skies so fair
I catch a glimpse of thine own hair,
Shine like gold and spark like fire
Your eye and mine link, lock and stare.

Mine eyes doth gleam with wondrous plots,
To twist and beat your beauteous arts.
Sweet flames and manes burn in my mind,
Casting terrors deep in Vogue online.

What the hand, that drags you forth
From depths most deep and wonderous.
Tis mine, my horde so deep within…
My precious. Mine. My wunderkind.

Fingers trace, deep sighs emit…
Hands trail off like sentences.
Tears water’d heaven with joy at seeing
My soul clasp’d at the sinews of your being.