Where I discuss books. As per usual…


Winter in Florida is like no other. Mainly because to everyone else in the world, it is not. It’s like an endless Spring. The breeze is balmy, the skies are glorious and the weather is not a definition of cold that I understand in my ex-pat Canadian mindset.

Despite the feeling of endless Spring, the reality of Winter hits ones true soul with intensity. It bear-caves the heart. It creates sheet forts over the ribcage, and plumps up the lungs like pillows.

I hibernate well with books. All of the Jim Butcher everything. Some Gone Girl. All of the Dune series. The Great Gatsby. A little bit of Diana Gabaldon. A sprinkling of Nora Roberts (guilty pleasure). A bit of Terry Goodkind and William Gibson. Some Yogananda. I’m not that picky. I will read everything…

Sometimes it feels like Winter is never ending, but that is not the case down here in the South.

My hibernation includes (apparently) no writing. And I struggle with this. As I lie under my Star Wars sheet fort that I built Saturday afternoon and suffocate myself in Ms Peregrine and her peculiars, I think about how important it is to focus your life in directions that warm your soul.

As I periodically feel, I focus poorly. My heart had words in it that I try to set free, but my fingers fail. And since all they have been doing lately is turning pages, they are failing (but winning! Yay reading!).

Does this sound familiar? Is it that time of the year for me where I reaffirm my devotion to the written word and make drastic promises? Nope. Not this time. I am focusing on the simple. And where my heart had been, always will be and currently is. Books.

*waves hand. Hi! Huge nerd here!

Still not sure exactly what my self affirmation means. Hopefully I will not slowly manifest into an endless book compilation poster on Instagram. #bookparty

However, expect a slow, slow movement towards pages and thoughts and writers. A slow writing movement. Which in my mind, is really similar to the slow food movement. More thought. More direction.

Just a few thoughts I wanted to share…

Xo Jaime