Hump Day

It’s another Wednesday in Florida… Which is pretty much just a regular Wednesday, just with extra sun and humidity. And I confess, I only got through this day with two simple things egging me on.

1) In between re-watching that episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse where they search for the ‘triangle shaped bush’ (snigger), I noticed that Running Man is FINALLY streaming on Netflix

2) I started reading Partials at the gym this morning at 5:30 am, again while I waited at the VW dealer for a transportation pickup to work and then again while I was making dinner, cleaning up milk spills, in between cutting dog nails and emptying the dishwasher. Finally finishing it just as I was getting the table set.

This weeks books:

I finished the first book in Nora Roberts’ new series “Black Witch: The Cousins O’Dwyer trilogy”. It’s my go-to guilty pleasure. Three women, three men, all bound together with one goal. Each book a set of them pair up, solve problems, fall in love and get married. Each with a unique venue and special skill set. This trilogy is witchcraft, falconry, horses and Ireland. Um, beach read at its finest. Plus bath read, kids are sleeping read etc

I’m halfway through “Autobiography of a Yogi”, and also halfway through writing a post about that book. So I will leave off for now… Post pending on this rather insightful and delightful read.

After inhaling “Gone Girl” in about 48 hours, I hit up “Dark Places”. 98 pages in, paused on a chapter involving Ben Day. Tomorrow mornings gym session shall involve cardio and dark places

Partials. Oh Partials…. I really liked you. You are Revolution and The Host combined. With more shopping options because of the Long Island setting. But I really liked you. You were easy in the saddle. Very engaging. And intriguingly left the ending queued for the sequel, which you better be writing stat.

And sadly I must admit I read another book…. About. Something. Some kind of thing. With some things in it. Doing stuff. I finished the whole book. I’m so glad this is now rotting away in my skull somewhere.

I’ve earmarked some Brandon Sanderson for upcoming indulgent verbiage. Dune is hovering in the wings. Yogananda is beckoning me. I’m torn. I’m all out of place.

This is where I am.