April reads


It’s a new week and there are a ton of things to read out there. Let’s get started with what’s on my list for the next 7 days…

1) Jojo Moyes “Me before You: A Novel”. I started reading this without any idea what the story was about. My husband had loaded my iPad up with the New York Times best seller list and I started this on a whim, while at the gym, on an elliptical trainer. 500 calories burned later, I somehow managed to pry myself off the machine and close my iPad. Lou and Will’s tumultuous, intriguing relationship with its unexpected turns whipped my brain into a fury of ‘need to know’. As in I needed to know how the story ended. Like right this very second. READ IT

2) Liane Moriarty “The Husbands Secret”. I am pretty sure that I must be the most gullible reader ever. The husband’s actual secret was gasp-worthy. I even caught myself raising my hand to my shocked mouth and absentmindedly biting my fingers.

3) Pittacus Lore “The Fall of Five”. I rubbed my hands together gleefully as this was digitally deposited onto my iPad. This is entertaining and guilty pleasure reading at its best. Stoked.

4) Danielle Paige “Dorothy Must Die”. I’m obsessed with this book. Who would not be? Dorothy as a bad guy, enslaving Oz? And while reading a few chapters last night I through on TinMan in Netflix. I was fully immersed in Oz. It was awesome. READ IT.

5) Either starting some Brandon Sanderson, finishing book 2 in a silly Nora Roberts series (the Cousins O’Dwyer triology) or Sarah McCoys The Bakers Daughter.

I’ve got a few other things lurking in the sidelines, plus a few great books picked up over the last week or so while out thrifting that are too pretty not to share.

Read strong!