Dancing with chaos: An Ode to Mom


There is always things to discuss when it’s Mother’s Day.

Moms, obviously. Things that kids do that stress Moms out like a mother-fucker. Cursing. Stress. Wine (because let’s be realistic).

It’s quite like Valentines Day in many respects. Or wedding anniversaries. A day that has been hijacked by the card companies and flower stores to shower attention for just a quick 24 hour period of time. I think it’s a good focus, but dislike the fact that it’s the same. (Cursing, stress and wine pairs well with them too)

Lets always celebrate Moms. Always.
Every day if possible. And hey, let’s celebrate those Dads too. All the time.

Our little family is a funny one…

I work full-time. Babes works one full-time job and one part-time evening weekend job. We have 2 kids. Every single day we battle with exciting things like:
1) getting dressed
2) not wanting to do everything
3) taking a million hours to put on shoes
4) hating all the food ever in the universe, and then loving it the second it is out of reach
5) the dog pooped in the house again, coinciding with someone puking.
6) someone touched something with sticky hands and now there are bugs
7) stop crying and go to sleep, we are really trying to watch Bates Motel. Because we need 41 minutes of sanity.
8) omg etc.

Every single family has a story just like ours. All Moms and Dads and kids have funny quirks that, combined, elevate life repeatedly to some kind of Twilight Zone. No surprise there.

The repeated surprise is that there a bajillion people out there who are on your same path. Because this path is not a new one. It is a path that has been traveled for decades, centuries, a bakajillion, bazillion years. Keep reminding yourself of this!

Our paths change as the world around us does. Your path now seems different than the one your parents were on, but I guarantee there are similarities. There are mountains and valleys and some careful tippy toeing around the edge of a particularly horrible swamp. Our voyages are interconnected and woven with chaos. What would life be without these beautiful, chaotic dancing steps? Well, a little too routine for my tastes…

So, to all the lovely parents out there. You are appreciated every single day. It may not always be mentioned, but you are. For your patience, strong stomachs, ability to get thrown up on and not cringe and your big, lovely gorgeous hearts.

Happy Parents Day!!

Xoxo Jaime