Classic investigation


I’ve been dabbling in the classics lately…

Dabbling, when I imagine what that word would look like as a sketch, is a lot like toes in a koi pond. Don’t you think? How quick would you be to put yours in? I totally have issues with monsters in the water and am totally not cool with things touching my feet. Totally. Plus what else is in there? Will I regret it? Will I have less toes when I remove my feet? Will something pull me under? Like a giant koi? That’s lurking in the bottom?

I read heavily in University. I was an English major. Right after graduation I moved overseas for a few years and my focus slowly waned. I read a lot of John Irving, studied some Japanese. Did some traveling, met a guy, got engaged to guy.

Anyways, life did what it does. Funny how it does that, eh?

A month ago I read The Great Gatsby while at the gym. 70 minutes on the elliptical later and I was done. And my eyes were full of stars. I was pumped. I raced home, slammed the front door open and spilled the whole story to Mike. Who side-eyed me. (You know, because he’d read it) And then I collapsed on the floor because of cardio.

What I liked so much about reading Gatsby was the clear framework for the story. It was, essentially, a simple story. And it was clearly and gloriously worded. It was a beautifully painted picture. I was totally entranced.

So after dipping my toes back in the water, even if hesitantly, I started trolling NPR Books for favorites. Trying to figure what direction to head in…

And I have settled on Steinbeck and Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.
Saturday was 50 minutes on the elliptical and East of Eden. Saturday night was A Study in Scarlet.

Sunday I took a break and watched The African Queen. Monday I went to the beach.

Tuesday and I have a date with ACD(C).

Dabbling, right? I will be focusing on Steinbeck for the next forever…


Image courtesy of Pinterest