Walk to Me.


Down in the Way Down South, the school year is almost over.

Not joking.
There are like 4 school days left. FOUR.

As I like to encourage books and reading and books and reading, and obviously as Grade One is approaching in the fall (or August, as it is called in Florida), I am looking for fun reading activities that will interest a 6 year old. The kind of things that I can intersperse with summer camp exhaustion. Things that will also feel fun and goal oriented. With an exciting subject matter that will make my son (me) focused on reading and knowledge.

Fact Number One: I straight up love the elementary school Vince goes to. It is a YMCA elementary school. Which means that every morning I’m there at both 5:30 am, and then 7:01 to 7:15 am (depending on how fast Vince puts on pants).

Fact Number Two: Scholastic

Fact Number Three: This link

Fact Number Four: Reading is awesome.

I sort of wish I could signup for this. I would also like to unlock badges and constellations.

Also I accidentally clicked on the chat boards and there where a whole bunch of reading kids trolling for extra points. “Please!!! Give me extra stars!!!111” While I’m not sure what that means, since I’m old etc, I am stoked that wee readers are stoked about reading. #stoked

In other reading news, Vincent’s awesome kindergarten teachers hosted an ‘evening read’ yesterday after school. I dropped him off in pjs, with a blanket, for 45 minutes of reading and cookies. I picked him up at 6:15 pm absolutely delighted. He leapt out of the classroom, Skylanders blanket trailing. He was SO thrilled.

While he was being read to and cookied by some really awesome women, I hustled. When I picked him up from school, I learned his class was celebrating his summer birthday (6/11) tomorrow. Because they like to celebrate birthdays. So mini-cupcakes and cookies were purchased at a furious rate. As I was heading out the door, I grabbed some gorgeous sunflowers. I sped. I squeal parked. I hustled again, hands full of cookies and cupcakes and flowers.

I hit the school like a mother. Actually. Because, you know, I am. Anyways, since we couldn’t actually go in the classroom, I handed birthday goodies and flowers to “really nice teachers”. Who gives up their Wednesday evening to encourage reading? Awesome awesome people. That’s who.

More power to you, super awesome teachers…

Much love, your devoted followers and fans


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