Books. But also, spilt milk

Where to even begin? Let’s start with all the books. All of them. Because that’s what I’ve been doing since I last posted. Reading and reading and reading.

In between books, somehow my son finished kindergarten. Then he promptly turned six. Then we went to DisneyWorld for a mini holiday (which is easy for us, since we live in Orlando). And then my husband got a new job. Well, new position with the school district. But new job. AND I read a bazillion books. Books that had been on my TBR pile for a while. Shall we get started?

Orphan Train by Cristina Baker Kline

This has been on my list for a while. I was side-eying it and nibbling my lip while I considered a ‘good time’ to start it. During a book lull, I read the first few pages. And that was it. I was in love. Flashing between the present and the past, following two young women that couldn’t be more different, this story just sucked me right in. Between Molly in the present day (on the edge of being too old for foster care) and Vivian in the past (bumping from ‘adoptive’ home after home after departing the orphan train) these two separate stories had so many similar elements, I literally could not wait for the characters to make the same connection I did. I read every morning in the kitchen. I read at the stop lights. I didn’t speak to my husband for 2 days. This book distracted me so much that my daughter literally cried over spilt milk and I didn’t even notice.

As in she spilt milk, toddled over to the garbage can and retrieved the damp paper towel I had used to clean her face after dinner and toddled back to her mess. She began to use it to ‘mop’ the floor. Smearing the milk over an ever widening area. Which she then proceeded to slip in, like a banana peel, in the most dramatic fashion ever. I noticed none of this.


I surfaced out of my book to her piercing wails, tear streaked face and her little body covered head-to-toe in milk. Where the hell was I?! I was in the kitchen reading Orphan Train. I was about 15 feet away.

Damn you Ms Kline!

Anyways… Read this. Read it read it read it.

Immediately following this book, I read something else that I wanted to actually marry.

I shall divulge details in another post.
Current reads are all of Lemony Snickett’s, which I am enjoying dreadfully. And all of Laura Ingalls Wilder, among other things…



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